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Knobakit (R)
Knobakit(R) Cabinet Knob to Magnet Conversion Fasteners


Cabinet Knob to Magnet Conversion Fasteners

Turn your favorite cabinet knob into a super strong fridge magnet, or buy 2 Knobakits and turn a cabinet drawer pull into a mini towel bar.

PRICE: $8.20 $6.56

Large size Blue Onion Danube Refrigerator Magnets Set

More information

$8.00 $6.40

Crouching Tiger Label Refrigerator Magnet Great Eastern Steamship 1860 Ad Fridge Magnet
More information
$7.20 $5.76
World of Warcraft Magnet "Went to Stormwind and all I got was this lousy tabard" FREE SHIPPING World of Warcraft  "Went to Stormwind and all I got was this lousy tabard"
More information

$7.10 $5.68

Astronomy History John Brashear Refrigerator Magnet Set Astronomy Optics History John Brashear Fridge Magnet Set
More information
$10.20 $8.16


Rin Tin tin 1950s Western TV German Shepherd Dog Hero Magnets FREE SHIPPING

Rin Tin Tin 1950s Western TV German Shepherd Magnet 

More information

$7.20 $5.76

Queen Elizabeth I Portrait Refrigerator Magnet

Bring the Tudor dynasty to your home or office.
Select from dozens of fridge magnets picturing Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Edward VI, Mary Queen of Scots, Anne Boleyn and others.




Boy & AAF Airplanes Fridge Magnet
 More information
$7.20 $5.76
Boxer Dog Fridge Magnets Home is Where the Dog is
Boxer Dog Fridge Magnets Home is Where the Dog is

More information
$7.20 $5.76

Take No Prisoners
Warrior Goddess

Banana Refrigerator Magnet Banana Fridge Magnet

More information
$7.00 $5.60  
Curious Black and White Cat Refrigerator Magnets Curious Black and White Cat Fridge Magnet
More information
$7.10 $5.68  
Clean Dirty Refrigerator Magnet  Olive Green
Clean Dirty Refrigerator Magnet Olive Green
More information
$7.20 $5.76
Smokey Bear Fire Fighter Large Fridge Magnet

More information

Magnet Talk Refrigerator Magnet Game  

Magnet Talk


More information


Joyous Pillsbury Dough Boy Fridge Magnet - FREE SHIPPING

Pillsbury Dough Boy Fridge Magnet


More information
$7.10 $5.68  

Chihuahua Dog Refrigerator Magnets Chihuahua Dog Refrigerator Magnet
More information

$7.20 $5.76
Funny Schnauzer Dog Photo  Fridge Magnets Funny Schnauzer Dog Feminist Fridge Magnet "Never make me choose.."
More information
$7.00 $5.60
Crouching Tiger Label Refrigerator Magnet Victorian Christmas Card Santa Fridge Magnet   

More information
$7.10 $5.68  
Black and White Cow Refrigerator Magnets Black and White Cow Fridge Magnet

More information
$10.20 $8.16
7Up Advertising Wall Clock Refrigerator Magnet Bird of Paradise Santa Anita Ware Fridge Magnet Set -
More information
$8.00 $6.40
Clarice Cliff Clump Refrigerator Magnet Clarice Cliff Clump Fridge Magnet
More information

$7.30 $5.84
Calico Cat is Where the Home Is Refrigerator Magnets Calico Cat is Where the Home Is Fridge Magnet
More information
$7.20 $5.76
7Up Advertising Wall Clock Refrigerator Magnet 7Up Clock Refrigerator Magnet

More information

$7.00 $5.60
  Chickens Roosters Large Size Magnets Set of 5

More information
$8.80 $7.04

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